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Virtual presentations open doors for publication of your abstract and/or your paper without attending the EduTeach2020 conference.


Presentation modes :

1) Online - Live presentations using EduTeach2020 online platform.

2) Recorded Video Presentation

3) PowerPoint Presentation with voice-over


You will be able to join the EduTeach2020 conference in your comfort while connecting with your colleagues and peers online to disseminate their latest research findings with you. Afterwards you can proceed with your paper publication.


Before the virtual conference, you will be getting the detail Conference Program indicating your time slot and all other information on "How to present using Zoom".  All presenters will be given a chance to test the  Zoom technology in our platform and get familiar with the system and to present  an introduction about their research before the date of the online conference.


After the virtual conference you will get your e-Certificate and e-Abstract book


The Virtual category includes the following:

  • Online presentation time slot (20 min)
  • Opportunity to familiarize with our Virtual platform before the real presentation
  • A presentation e-certificate
  • e-abstract book by e-mail (Canadian ISBN 978-1-988652-27-6)
  • Publication of your paper in conference proceedings (online publication with an ISBN)
  • Opportunity to forward your paper to reputed journals

Publish your paper without attending..................



eduteach2020 - Education, Teaching and Technology conferences 2020 in Toronto, Canada

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