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Topics - Education, Teaching and Technology conferences 2021 in Toronto, Canada

Teaching & Learning relationships

Importance of R&D, ECE – Early childhood Education and Primary Education, Secondary & Higher Education, Science and technology Education, Language education, Health & Sports Education, Spiritual Education, Role of teacher in Learning process

Students & Teachers relationships

Staff training and education, Q&S in Educational, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Vocational education and Counseling, LLL- lifelong learning, Facilitation / Training programs, Mentorship & professional guidance, How effective -Teaching and learning relationship, Student learning experiences, Sports & Extra-curricular activities, Assessment and evaluation in Education, Contemporary Issues in Education, Teacher Education, Teaching Methods, Technology

Ongoing projects, Trends , Issues & Challenges

Indigenous Education, Educational projects in action, Global Education & challenges, Distance Education, Advances in Technology in teaching and learning, Challenges ,issues & transformations in Education, e-Learning initiatives, Innovative learning and teaching models, Multicultural and intercultural communications, Inclusive and Special Education, Blended Education, University-Industry Cooperation, Internship programmes and experiences

How to overcome organizational issues

Role of Administration and Management in Education, Research & Development, Policy and directions, HRD & HRM, Economics in Education, Organisational accreditation and rankings, Cross boarder Education and Exchange programs, Roles of Ethics , Norms & values, Organizational culture & change, Training, Evaluation and Assessment, Educating the Educators

General Issues & future of the industry

Access to Internet: Advances and Problems, Diversity Issues, Women and Minorities, Student Support in Education, Funding Programmes and Opportunities, Education and Globalization, Impact of Education on Development, Planning Digital-Age School, Organizational, Legal, Policy and Financial Issues, Barriers to Learning, Ethical Issues and Plagiarism in Education

Technology in Education & Teaching

Online Assessment, Open Online Courses, E-Moderating, E-Tutoring, Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) Tools, E-Learning Projects and Experiences, Blended Learning, Mobile Learning, Distance Learning, Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), Managed Learning Environments (MLEs), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS),Online/Virtual Laboratories, E-Learning Standards,Virtual Universities, Virtual conferences & workshops, E-Learning for Environmental Sustainability, Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs), New platforms to teach coding skills,Educational Software,Computer Software on Education,Educational Games,Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia,Animation and 3D Systems,Gaming Consoles as Learning Tools,Educational Software Experiences,Videos for Learning (YouTube Generation), Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis,Social & Digital Media in Education,Community Building via WWW,Web 3D Applications and Virtual Reality,The Impact of Web Technologies on Education,Web Classroom Applications,Mobile and Tablet Technologies, ICT for Development

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