Digital Education and the Learner

Digital education has revolutionised the way education happens in schools, homes, and anywhere else a person is involved in a learning circumstance. Learners have adapted over time to the evolving […]

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Re-envisioning Teacher Preparation Programs in Service of Humanity 

What does it mean to re-envision teacher education? This is the question that the faculty at the newly named School of Education at Shepherd University have been asking and exploring. […]

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The Principal As An Executive Supervisor Of A School

The principal is a professional leader. In a school situation where instruction is a means of transmitting knowledge and information worthwhile to pupils, by the teachers. The principal of the […]

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ICT Skills Acquisition And Utilization In The Classroom Teaching Among Academic Staff Of Colleges Of Education In Southern Nigeria


This study is designed to determine the levels of ICT skill acquisition and ICT utilization in the classroom teaching among academic staff of Colleges of Education in Southern Nigeria, survey […]

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