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7th Canadian International Conference on Advances in Education, Teaching & Technology 2023 (EduTeach2023)

“Challenges & Issues in Teaching & Learning in Post Pandemic Situations”


Canadian International Conference on Advances in Education, Teaching & Technology 2023 serves as an international forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on post Pandemic Situations contributing towards promoting global education at a national, regional and global level.


Aims & Objectives


This Conference aims to promote Education, Teaching, Learning & Technology at global level by

  • Creating the largest platform at global level  for innovative ideas and approaches to practice, policy and research that encourage further collaborations across  multiple time zones
  • Empowering academics, researchers and  professionals to build  collaborative networks
  • Inspiring setting to start new research, strategies, best practices and innovation.
  • Networking and knowledge exchange forum at the international  level to identify, discuss and troubleshoot issues across a range of disciplines and sectors
  • Supporting and nurturing the next generation of Educators
  • Engaging global and diverse voices, ideas, vision ,initiatives and actions across multiple time zones
  • Strengthening  and transform the global effort and influence decision making
  • Building multidisciplinary networks to promote innovation in education at global level.


Learning Objectives


EduTeach2023 delegates will be better prepared to

  • Identify  challenges and related solutions, trends, emerging issues and  gaps
  • Explore  the current status of public health evidence, research, policy and practice
  • Understand effective evidence-based education programs and  practices
  • Evaluate strategies for knowledge & skill  translation
  • Develop and access a network of colleagues and partners for initiating or expanding initiatives





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