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Conference Advisors

Dr Bronwyn Ewing, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Education

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Prof Michael Kyobe, Professor of Education Technology ,

University of cape Town , South Africa

Dr. Ramaratnam , Vice Chancellor , JK University, India

Prof. Francisco Delgado , Professor of  Physics, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico











Members of the Scientific Committee


Prof. N.S. Cooray ( Japan)

Prof. Toshiichi Endo (Hong Kong )

Prof. Mario Brun  (Argentina)

Prof. Wimal Rankaduwa (Canada )

Prof. Donathan Brown ( USA)

Prof. Francisco Delgado (Mexico)

Prof. Michael Kyobe (South Africa)

Prof. Klapproth, Florian (Germany)

Dr. Jerry Schnepp (USA)

Prof. Tennyson Samraj (Canada)

Prof. W. Malalasekera (UK)

Dr. Teles, Rogério (Brazil)

Prof. Michaela Brohm-Badry (Germany)

Dr. Cristeta Dulos (Philippines)

Dr. Bronwyn Ewing (Australia)

Dr. Ramaratnam ( India)

Prof. Micheal M van Wyk (South Africa)


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