Adjustment of Inclusive Education Courses with Inclusive Elementary Schools Needs: Part of the University School Collaborative Partnership

Collaboration between universities and inclusive elementary schools, especially in the adjustment of inclusive education courses, has not overcome the problem of inclusive education practices. Although some topics of inclusive education lessons are relevant to problems in inclusive classrooms, they have not been able to meet the needs of inclusive elementary schools fully. The purpose of this study was to explore the opinions of faculty lecturers regarding the adjustment of inclusive education courses to overcome the problems faced by inclusive elementary schools. This research is a case study involving five faculty lecturers who teach inclusive education courses. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and analyzed using thematic analysis. The study results resulted in three main themes: benefits, formulations, and topics of inclusive education courses. The adjustment of inclusive education courses is the basis for universities and inclusive elementary schools in dealing with the dynamics of change and development of inclusive education. In addition, as a form of collaboration between the two parties to obtain positive reciprocal benefits in implementing inclusive education.

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