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Some of the Papers presented at EduTeach2016

Graduate Student Perceptions of Online and Blended Learning Delivery Strategies

Connecting Education Practitioners to Policy Makers: Integrating Advocacy with Complexity

A Descriptive Study of Personal Pronouns in Faifa Dialect (FD)

Exploring the Use of Technology in Science Classrooms: An Examination of the Beliefs and Practices of Four Science Teachers

Evolving a Numerical Methods Course into an Approach Based on Flexibility and Research Skill Development

Implementing interactive activities and iPad applications to improve student learning and development at a rural campus

Examining the effectiveness of anti-bullying policy in mitigating mobile bullying in Schools in South Africa

Developing teachers’ efficacy towards mathematics and numeracy and the implications for learners with disabilities

‘The Empathy Chair’ - The Journey to our Performance-based Assessment Tool

Our Path to Personalization in the Mathematics Classroom

Leadership and Mentoring for Effective Pedagogical Training in Nigerian Universities

How does technology support the classroom? Experiences of teaching economics to non-major students

Multicultural Education in Teacher Education for Peace and Harmony

Application of ICTs in Teaching of Physics in Senior Secondary Schools: Imperative for 21st Century Technology

Child Poverty as Social Conflict: How Emphasis on Middle-Class Culture in Teacher Education Disadvantages Students in Poverty

Three algorithms for university course timetabling problems

Caring Science in the Virtual Classroom: Fostering Emancipatory Teacher-Learner Relationships

Lagrange Multiplier and Penalty Function Methods Embedded in Conjugate Gradient Method for Constrained Optimization Problems in Engineering

Improving Students’ Academic Achievement and Attitude towards Basic Science through Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Experience-based Analogical Model for Learning Computing Concepts: A Kinesthetic Learning Strategy to Help Tactile Learners.

Moving Beyond Access: Capacity Building through Online Education

What Influences Student’s Participation in Online Collaboration Learning: Case Study

Needs Assessment of English as Second Language (ESL) Teachers for the Integration of Computer Technology into ESL Teaching and Learning in Ekiti State Secondary Schools

Transforming Health Care Education with the Use of Zoom, A Collaborative Cloud Based Video Conferencing Platform

Media Literacy: Preparing Young People for the Future through a problem-solving approach with News-casting

Border Crossings Ahead: Valid Passport Needed

Social Studies Teachers’ Perceptions of Professional Development: A Case Study

Learning Styles: Pedagogical Shifts through Critical Review and Reflection

Practice and Refactoring Log: A Reflection Based Learning Strategy to Improve the Fluency of Computing Students in Writing Computer Programs

The «Training Within Industries» (TWI) model for an effective training

UTAUT model for behavior prediction and students’ outcome assessment

Teaching and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

Technology Integration: A Research-based Professional Development

Factors of Innovative E-learning Practices of Undergraduate Students

Social Media - a Supplemental Instructional Platform to promote Dynamic Self-Regulated Learning: Deconstructing mathematical precepts through virtual social constructivism lenses.

Visualizing Cellular Respiration with an Interactive Computer Program

Extent of Implementation of and Level of Participation in the Project Carbon Neutral: The Case of De La Salle Lipa

On the Micro-variations in Lexical Dimensions of Genre in Longitudinal Written Productions of EFL Learners

A Collaborative e-Learning System with Adaptive Guidance to Improve Math Performance of Students with Disabilities

Concept Maps as a Form of Students’ Assessment and Instruction in Mechanical Engineering Education

From The University to the Most Vulnerable People

Engineering Education Challenges in a Multicultural Learning Environment

Construct and Assess Emotional Competency for Taiwanese Young Children

Development of Four Genres of Augmented Reality Games for English Learning

Teacher-Student Relationships

Knowledge and inquiry: Designing multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary curriculum for the 21st century student

An Appraisal for Apt Teaching and Learning Methods for Effective Student Learning In Engineering Education

Exploring the Nature of Social Interaction in Distance Learning Tutorials through Videoconference Technology

Collaboration between a Research Methodology Course and EFL Practice Teaching

The Impact of Digital Tools on EFL Medical Students’ Academic Writing Performance

Issues in Teaching and Learning Academic Writing at University

MOOCs: Problems and challenges in Higher Education

Awareness of UAE University Chemical Engineering Students on ABET Accreditation

Online Health Education for Arab Immigrants - Afham.TV - iUnderstand.TV Project

Post Graduate Certificate of Education Student Teachers’ Views of Economics Games as an Interactive Classroom Technique

Teaching Structures to Architecture Students through Hands-On Activities

Developing a Rubric to Evaluate Distance Education Courses

The Analysis of Physical Education Curriculum Innovation in Mongolian Secondary Education

Basic Motor Abilities Reflected in Video Games

The effects of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning in a Distant Chinese Class

Use of Computer Algebra System for Classroom Demonstration

Helping students develop more constructive learning views through knowledge building pedagogy and technology

The Study of the Position and the Role of Tourism in Educational System

Multi-faceted support strategies to teach first year students to fly solo

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